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Brazil has always been a popular destination for travelers world wide. This South American country is known for its world famous beaches, grand scale festivals and carnivals, lush rain forest and national landmarks among others. If you are thinking about vacation ideas to Brazil then you have come to the right place. The travel team here at Laterallife are experts on Brazilian travel and can help plan your vacation for you. We are experts on a local level and know all the right places to visit and all the fun activities to experience. We can help you organise your flights and accomodation, transport, tours, sightseeing and activities. We take the hassle out of organising your holiday so you have more time to enjoy it. See below for some great vacation ideas the team at Laterallife can help organise.  




Christ Redemer 

Jesus Christ The Redeemer Statue of Rio


Among the seven wonders of the world, the Christ Redeemer statue in Rio De Janeiro is a truely breath taking sight to behold and a must for your Brazilian vacation ideas. Towering 2326 feet above sea level and 98 feet tall, the statue is among the world's greatest attractions. After some sightseeing why not checkout some of Rio's world famous beaches such as Copacabana and Ipanema. 





Rio Beaches 

Leblon _beach _-by -ascom -riotur


Rio's beaches are absolutely breath taking and are considered among the best beaches in the world. Copacabana beach is arguably the most famous beach in the world. With golden white sand and beautiful endless coastline, you will fall in love with the character of this beach. On most days it is packed full of people to experience the golden sunshine and clear blue waters. The iconic Ipanema beach in Rio is also a must experiece when in Brazil. 







The Amazon river is the largest river in the world in terms of the amount of water it discharges and the second longest behind the nile. See Amazon river towns along the banks and the beauty of the of the rainforest while cruising down the river on one of our boat tours.  The amazing Amazon jungle is the worlds largest tropical rainforest and covers most of northwestern Brazil. The rainforest is famous for its bio-diversity of life and species of animals and insects. Did you know a new species is discovered in the Amazon every three days? Some of these new species include giant snakes, multi coloured striped spiders and colourful frogs.  








Capoeria is a Brazilian art form that combines fight, rhythm, music, dance and movement. While it is a form of martial arts, It is seen more as a game rather then a fight. The dance ritual is seen as a Brazilian cultural art form and the dialogue between players are designed to express a variety of different meanings and philosophy. If you would like to see and experience capoeria in Brazil, or even take lessons and try it out for yourself, get in contact with one of our travel experts today. 





Members -of -Salgueiro -samb -002


Most people around the world are familiar with carnival in Brazil. These parades and parties of epic proportions are so ingrained into Brazilian tradition and culture that when ones thinks about the country the first thing to spring to mind is carnival. Carnival is celebrated every year, 46 days before the easter festival. It is believed to have started in the 1830s as a portuguese tradition of celebrating and indulging the day before lent begins. Lent is a Roman Catholic tradition of sacrifice and abstinence in preperation for Easter. While carnival is celebrated in other countries, Brazil's is the most famous with festivities in Rio de Janeiro being the biggest. There are over 100 block parades and they are supported by many of the staff and students of the cities samba schools. Carnival is one of many Brazil vacation ideas and if you would like to experience this epic festival make sure you contact laterallife and speak to one of travel experts today.




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