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Laterallife is a travel company specializing in bespoke holiday planning. What makes us different to other travel agenices is we tailor your holiday to suit you individually. Unlike many other travel agencies we do not offer a "one size fits all" approach, rather we use our extensive global network to offer you individual activities and  experiences on your holiday. Let the travel experts here at Laterallife organise your accomodation, transport, activities, tours and sightseeing. We have the knowledge at a local level to offer you the best tourist activities a specific country has to offer. Check out some of our great holidays below. 

The Americas 




Whether you are thinking about travelling to North, Central or South America, Laterallife can organise the perfect holiday for you and your family. Check out the Grand Canyon or Mount Rushmore in the USA or see the penguins in Antarctica. Whatever your choice of American travel, our experts can help you make your holiday one to remember, afterall Laterallife is a bespoke holiday planner. 







Asia is a melting pot of thousands of years of tradition and culture. With so much to see and experience travelers are always keep busy with so many options of sighseeing and experiences. Whether you want to see South East Asia or North and Central Asia, Laterallife is your bespoke holiday planner. Some great Asian holiday ideas include seeing the Great Wall of China, this wonder of the world is visible from space and is truely a magnificant achievement of human kind. Otherwise why not see the Ankor Wat temple complex in Cambodia, the temples are truely breathtaking and something that has to be seen to be experienced. 







From Egypt to South Africa. Discover Africa with the bespoke holiday planner Laterallife. See the Pyramids of Giza or the sphinx in Egypt or even check out the wildlife in Madagascar. What ever your African adventure let us here at Laterallife help plan it for you.    


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